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The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational: An extreme Asian culture fusion festival!

20 March 1985
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The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational (TAKII), PDNMZ's brand of live events celebrating all that is Asian Multimedia Entertainment, is a 2-DAY seasonal Asian Music/video gaming fusion festival that takes it to the extreme & happens twice a year (once in the winter/spring, & then again in the summer/fall) on the USA's East Coast.

Why you can't miss this event would be is simple: along with our main event of our cult classic show, "Asian Karaoke Idol", spiced up with karaoke freestyling, we have video game tournaments on a wide variety of systems & a mini-concert performed by D-chan (Japanese/Korean vocal musician). Let's not forget our live guest performers, cosplayers, interactive panels & gameshows, guests of honor, unforgettable memories, & so much more!

2008 will go down in the record books as one of the most important years in the lives of not only Asian culture enthusiasts, but Americans & the global population alike. Change is abound, with US Presidential Candidates campaigning for support in preparation for an election of epic proportions. But we ask you: who is talking about the state of anime in the USA? How about how we finally solve which system is the king (or queen) of the current gaming generation? Whatever happened to focusing on what really matters: singing in front of a large group of strangers in a karaoke contest for vocal supremacy? PDNMZ & The Lost Otakus (TLO) answer this call by presenting to you the 6th season of the world's most extreme Asian culture fusion festival, The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational! TAKII 6 ~NintenDecision 2008~ is FREE to enter & comes to you from both TAKII HQ (online) & at The Rotunda (Philly, PA) on October, 25th-26th 2008 respectively.

The days, weeks, & months leading up to TAKII 5 ~Shin Seiki (Neon Genesis)~ will begin to reveal to the world more reasons why April 2008 will mark the dawning of a new day in the land of extreme Asian culture appreciation. So pack up your favorite mic, Wiimote, a cosplay or 2, & hold on tight; it's going to be an amazing ride. "To the extreme, 2 DAYS LONG!"

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TAKII 6 ~NintenDecision 2008~ is a FREE, 2-day, dual-venue Asian culture fusion festival in Philadelphia, PA on Oct. 25th-26th, 2008. Promoting "hardcore fun for all ages" & election awareness this season, we kick the weekend-long celebration off at TAKII HQ (the official website) on Day 1 & continue the party at The Rotunda (the physical venue in Philly) on Day 2. Featuring a TAKII-style focus on the US Presidential Election, an unprecedented tribute to the Nintendo empire, & the premier broadcast of TAKII's Asian Multimedia Entertainment Network (AMEN), "taking it to the extreme" has never been so sinfully satisfying. So what are you waiting for? Let's get this party started!!